Are You Dressed For Spring ?

So Spring is definitely upon us but it doesn't always seem that way in this cloudy and grey place called England. But why not make the most of what you have by making it at least feel like spring for yourself and the people around you! I think that the best way to do this is by choosing to wear bright and cheery clothes. Here is my outfit which is fun, bright and gets me into the spring mood.

The shirt I am wearing is from Pull & Bear. This is the first purchase I've ever made from this shop. I happened to walk past it whilst shopping in Westfield, and was intrigued by what was inside. I really like their clothes and the prices seem very affordable. I would definitely recommend checking them out. My turquoise collar shirt is a really nice soft material and hangs nice and loose. It's super comfortable and super affordable at only £9.99!!

I've paired it with my high waisted dark blue jeans from New Look. New Look is great if you're a student like me because you can get a 10% discount on your purchase! I love wearing high waisted trousers as I feel it complements my body shape. Being confident and comfortable in what you're wearing is so important as it determines how others see you.

The shoes I am sporting are from a departmental store in America which I picked up in New York last year. I got them for about $6 as an urgent purchase as the sandals I was wearing that day broke as I was seeing the sights of New York and I  needed some new ones to walk around in. They are super comfortable and easy to wear and definitely bring a spring mood to the outfit. If it is still too cold for sandals wherever you might be, you could instead wear brown boots, which give a very natural look. 

I hope this outfit has inspired you to get into the spring mood, or at least helped you decide what to wear for the day. I hope you enjoyed this post!! Let me know what you like to wear during Spring!

Love From Elizabeth x


  1. Forever wearing black; summer, spring, fall & winter.

    Eric Jess


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