Monday, 6 April 2015

Pretty In Pink | OOTD

Unfortunately for me I have to be studying for my Summer exams now in order to get the marks that I want. Although when you study you may just want to wear your pyjamas, I find that it actually makes me more productive if I get ready for the day (even if I don't see anyone all day). You definitely need to get into something that isn't as relaxing as pyjamas or trackies, but nothing that will annoy you whilst your studying. Ive gone for some high waisted jeans from Miss Selfridge, a floaty baby pink jumper from River Island. If I ever decide to venture outside I have paired the outfit with some burgundy pumps from Primark and a Black Coat from Primark.

What do you like to wear when you are studying?

Love From 

Elizabeth x

Monday, 30 March 2015

Primark Spring Haul 2015

Ribbed Crop Tops: £3.00, Stripped Tee: £3.50
Geo Duvet Cover Set: £11.00, Triangles Fitted Sheet: £5.80, Love Cushion: £4.00
After seeing countless tweets by Primark I knew that I needed to go and see for myself what they had in store. Something new that Primark is now selling is crop tops! They had some previously, but none that were plain. They now have really cute casual crop tops that are really reasonably priced. I picked up two rib crop tops which are going to be perfect for when the weather gets warmer if you want to have a casual look. The burgundy T-shirt that I got is going to look really cute when tucked into high waisted shorts. Again this is a really casual kind of look. I feel that in summer it is definitely all about being comfortable and casual which is why I was so drawn to these items. I also got 2 crop camis (£1.50 each), one in white and one in black which are just perfect for when you want to wear something sheer and don't want the world to see your bra. But you can also definitely wear them by themselves with high waisted shorts or trousers.

Now onto the homeware. This is when I really had to restrain myself. Normally primark doesn't have the best bedding that's just out of this world until now. This geometric styled bedding really reminds me of something that urban outfitters would sell but for way cheaper. I also got a matching fitted grey geometric sheet which I think will really compliment the duvet cover. There was also pink flamingo bedding which I almost bought but realised that I already have enough bedding for about 10 beds. Now onto the pillow! There was such an amazing selection for spring/summer which I really wanted but once again, I realised that there are only so many cushions you can have. I went for this love cushion and I thought it was really cute and also it is not restricted to just one season so it can be justified.

There were so many other things that I wanted to get but stopped myself before I didn't have any money left to buy food for the rest of the week. I would highly recommend you check out what Primark has in stock! They have already brought out the shorts for summer and they had some really cut ones! When it starts getting hotter again I will definitely go back to get some, but until then, I will just stick to wearing jumpers.

Have you been to primark lately? If so what did you buy?

Love from 

Elizabeth x

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

How To Create A Productive Workspace

Having somewhere to do your work is so important when you are at university because you wont be able to meet your deadlines otherwise. To help you create the perfect place for doing your work, I've come up my 6 top steps:

1. Clean up your room!
Something I always say is a cluttered room means a clutter mind. I don't know about you, but whenever I see a bit of mess in my room, my mind instantly thinks "I should clean that up" which distracts me from my work, which makes me unproductive. To avoid this, tidy up your room so that everything is in order and so that you wont be as distracted by anything.

Image Source: WeHeartIt

2. Remove all distractions
Once mistake I did make when I first put my room together, was that I put my table right in front of a busy window. Yes it does have the benefits described in step 4, but it is also the most distracting thing around. I don't know if you have ever people watched, but since my apartment is 2 floors above a shop on a busy road, I have the perfect opportunity to do it without getting caught! I have disciplined myself to not do it as much anymore, but it is sometimes an issue. Make sure that whatever is around you will not distract you from your work!

3. Have a big enough workspace
If your table is too small, it can get frustrating. I often find myself with my massive folder, my laptop as well as having various sheets and a pad of paper out while Im trying to do my work, and If I cant have all of these resources out on my table at once, my life will be that much harder. I don't want to have to to be searching through piles of books and paper to find what I want to look at, just because I don't have the space to lie everything out so that I can access it easily. Obviously a student doesn't have all of the funds in the world, but for £44 you can get the perfect worktop that will last your entire student life (and it doesn't look like poo). Linnmon Table Top Adils Leg

4. Have everything that you need close by
There is no way you are going to be productive if you have your pens on one side of the room, your ruler on the other, and your textbooks in the living room. I have my bookshelf right next to my desk, so that if I ever need to look at something from my notes from the previous term, it will literally take 2 seconds and I wont be distracted whilst I am getting it. Another thing to do is to have your stationary organised and in a accessible place. I keep mine in a pencil holder, and have my post-it notes, stapler, hole punch and all the other necessities on my window sill next to my desk. The last thing you want when you are on a role is to have to get up and lose what you are doing.

Image Source: WeHeartIt

5. Lighting
My desk is right next to the window, so during the day I get the perfect lighting and it makes me work so much better! At night, to make up for the lack of sun, I use a lamp. Having a bright workspace makes it so much easier to concentrate, and it makes your work look so much clearer, which is just one less thing for your brain to worry about.

Image Source: WeHeartIt

6. Have a cork board
To keep myself organised, I have a cork board to put up all of the important things I need to do, checklists, uni timetable etc. I think it is good to have something there to remind you of what you need to do, because then you wont have to remember it all yourself, saving some brain power!

There are so many other things that you can do to have a productive workspace, but I hope you have found my 6 ever so useful! If you like these kinds of university life posts, let me know (perhaps leave a suggestion of what you would want to know).

Love From

Elizabeth x

Monday, 23 March 2015

Is Makeup Revolution Worth The Hype? | First Impression

After struggling to open the Superdrug box (I don't know why I have issues opening boxes) I was more than pleased to find these two palettes lurking inside! I was expecting something that felt light and cheap seeing as I did buy the two for a total of £14, but I was pleasantly surprised with how nicely they were both packaged. Something that really made the packaging look more expensive was that the palettes were in little boxes, which is something you would get from a more high end brand.

So I will first talk about the eyeshadows! There are just so many different nude colours in this Ultra Eyeshadow Flawless Palette that it makes me so happy! It is a palette you could use for every occasion! I also love the way they go on the eyelids! They are so glittery and amazing, that they are almost wet looking. They are easy to blend and don't look too packed on the eye. I can say though, that if you do happen to rub your eye, the glitter will all transfer to your finger (even with an eyeshadow primer) so if you are careless and touch your eyes a lot, then these are not good for you. But overall, I really love them! I will hopefully do a look for you sometime soon in the future!

Now for the blush! The colours in this Ultra Blush Palette Sugar and Spice are just perfect for spring and summer which is one of the main reasons why I bought it. I also love that they have 6 matte blushes and 2 shimmery ones. I used the shimmery one yesterday (the one in the bottom right corner) for a special event I was going to, and it looked stunning! It was both a blush and highlighter in one! I really loved it! The product is very highly pigmented but it is bendable which is good! Overall it is definitely something to invest in for summer!

So my final verdict after trying out these two products from Makeup Revolution is that you must try them! Believe the hype! They are amazing!

Let me know what your favourite Makeup Revolution Products are so that I can buy some more!

Love From
Elizabeth x

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation | Product Review

During the Summer holidays I stole my sisters Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and I fell in absolute love! I have been pretty much been using it every day since! (I'm hoping you are getting the impression that it is amazing)

This foundation is the perfect consistency! It isn't too liquidy and it isn't too thick! It goes onto the skin without too much work and can be applied with both a brush and fingers (either works equally as well). Once it is applied, it goes on without looking cakey in any way which is what we all want in a foundation!

Colour Range
Unfortunately for the faired skin girls like me, the lightest shade is rather dark. This is a problem with most foundations but the shade 51, Light Vanilla is only slightly too dark for me (however it is winter, so It may be perfect for me during Summer). To make up for this, I make sure I blend it well down my neck so it doesn't look like I have an orange face.

This is what is the most amazing thing about it! It covers all redness and spots with ease and it is definitely build able! I usually use one and a half pumps and that is perfect for me! I would definitely call this a medium to high coverage foundation. Also, once it is applied it looks flawless and natural, which is what I always look for in a foundation!

Lasting Power
On the bottle it says that it lasts up to 16 hours and I can say that this is definitely true to some extent. I have extremely oily skin, so no foundation is ever going to sit on my skin perfectly the entire day without needing a touch up of powder, but I can definitely say that you wont have to worry about any of it coming off! Once it is on, you are good to go for the entire day.

If you want to check out what it looks like on the skin, see my Simple But Chic Face of the Day.

For only £9.99, this foundation is a must have in every girls makeup collection!

What is your favourite foundation at the moment? Have you tried this one?

Love From

Elizabeth x

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Perfect Transition Weather Nails

Hello everyone! During this very awkward transition stage between winter and spring, it's hard to know what colour to paint your nails. It's almost not appropriate to start bringing out the pastels and bright colours but at the same time, you want to add some light into your life in preparation for spring. This is why this combination of Barry M's nail polishes is just perfect. You have both the dark wintery nails with Nightshade and a pop of light with the accent nail using Caspain

Nightshade is a very dark plum colour that almost looks black. It's super gorgeous and perfect for winter. Caspain is part of the Aquarium collection and it is the most gorgeous goldy pinky shimmery colour. What I love most about this nail polish is that it changes how it looks depending on what light you are in.

How do you like to paint your nails in this confusing time between Winter and Spring?

Elizabeth x

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Current Wardrobe Staples | Outfit Of The Day

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a nice relaxing Sunday (I know I wont be as I have so much work to do for uni). I thought I would update you all on my style since a lot has changed over the past year and this outfit captures me perfectly!

Ever since the weather turned cold a good few months ago, I have been living in leggings! They are super comfortable and totally stylish and I think they are perfect for the transition between winter and spring! Here I am wearing some checked leggings from Miss Selfridge. Something else that I have been loving is high necks! They have totally become a thing (if you asked me 2 years ago, I would have said that high necks were for old people). The one I am wearing here is from Miss Selfridge once again (Everything I have bought recently has been from there... I have a problem... or maybe their clothes are just amazing :P). Since it's almost spring I thought I would choose this jacket from Primark rather than my more heavy duty winter coat. To finish off the outfit I adding some colour with my burgundy pumps and a tartan scarf both from Primark!

What are staples in your wardrobe at the moment?

Elizabeth x

Friday, 13 March 2015

10 Things I'd Tell My Younger Self | Lifestyle

1| Take every opportunity, even if you're scared.

2| Stop living in the past! There's no time like the present!

3| Don't think about what everyone else thinks about you, your opinion is what's important!

4| Stop trying to find imperfections in your appearance! Concentrate on your best features!

5| Wear foundation that matches your skin tone!

6| Stop being such a pushover and start thinking for yourself! Make your own decisions!

7| Don't worry about that guy! The prince charming is on his way!

8| Don't stop playing the guitar or piano!!

9| All that hard work you're doing will take you to places you dreamed of, keep going!

10| Life is going to be better than you expected! You will go amazing places!

I hope you've enjoyed this post! What would you tell your younger self?

Love From

Elizabeth x

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Red Nose Day Music Video

Hello everyone! So today I will be posting about something that is super important, and that is Red Nose Day. If you didn't know Red Nose Day is the day of the year when everyone comes together to do something funny for money. The money that is raised from Red Nose Day is spent on people in need in both the UK and Africa!

This year, my a cappella group thought we would help spread the word about this great charity, by making a music video where we try and be as funny and fun as possible. We decided to do a cover of Meghan Trainors All About That Bass and changed it to All About That Nose, changing the lyrics to fit Red Nose Day! You can watch it here:

I feel that red nose day is generally aimed towards children, and I feel that there is definitely a need for a more relatable material for people of my age! Hopefully with our music video we will get more people involved and help raise more money!

If you would like to donate to this amazing charity, you can do so through our Just Giving Page: where we have the goal of raising £300. Your support will be greatly appreciate!

I hope you've enjoyed the video! Let me know if you're doing anything this red nose day, or just let me know what you think of the video :P

Love From

Elizabeth x

Monday, 9 March 2015

Simple But Chic | Face Of The Day

Hello blogging world!! I am back from the dead once again, to write a lovely beauty post (when I really should be revising for my test for tomorrow). Life has just been crazy busy as I have had to handle my math degree, a cappella and my boyfriend and I have just found no time to get out my camera and take a few snaps of what I've been loving. Even though I have been busy, that doesn't mean that I have stopped my search to find new and exciting products to try.

So here is my updated, every day look. It is very simple but I think it is super nice. So to begin I prime my face with two products: firstly the Bourjois Happy Light Matte Serum Primer, and then The Body Shop Instablur

Today I was feeling in the mood to try something new, so I decided to put my concealer on before my foundation (I'm usually a foundation then concealer girl). I applied Benefits Boiing Concealer in 01 with my fingers, blending it in well because it is definitely too dark for me. I then went over it with the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in 51 with a brush and powdered with the matching powder. 
For my cheeks I used a Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in 15 Seductive Pink. For eyebrows, I use my trusty Sleek Brow Kit.

Now for the most important part, the eyes. To prime my eyes, I used my favourite eye primer, It's About Prime by Soap and Glory. Next I covered my eyes in Buttercream from the Nude Pallet by Collection. I then drew a very think line with my Magic Liner from Topshop and to finish it all of, I applied a coat of Smokey Eye Mascara By Bobbi Brown.

I think this look is just perfect for everyday, as it isn't too much, but it accentuates all the right features of your face. This look would be perfect with a bold lip, if you wanted to make a statement. If you would like me to do a review of any of the products mentioned, leave a comment :) 

In other news, my A cappella group that I am in, has made a Red Nose Day Music video which you should definitely go and check out!! I will be dedicating a post to it this week to raise awareness for this amazing charity and to help get the word out!! If you would like to donate, here's my groups Just Giving Page: 

I hope you've had a fab Monday!!

Love From