Perfect Transition Weather Nails

Hello everyone! During this very awkward transition stage between winter and spring, it's hard to know what colour to paint your nails. It's almost not appropriate to start bringing out the pastels and bright colours but at the same time, you want to add some light into your life in preparation for spring. This is why this combination of Barry M's nail polishes is just perfect. You have both the dark wintery nails with Nightshade and a pop of light with the accent nail using Caspain

Nightshade is a very dark plum colour that almost looks black. It's super gorgeous and perfect for winter. Caspain is part of the Aquarium collection and it is the most gorgeous goldy pinky shimmery colour. What I love most about this nail polish is that it changes how it looks depending on what light you are in.

How do you like to paint your nails in this confusing time between Winter and Spring?

Elizabeth x


  1. The Caspain colour looks beautiful! I love Barry M nail polishes <3 Probably going to stop by Boots after school to check this colour out hehe! I am painting my nails a pastel yellow colour atm and although it looks beautiful it does look a little awkward because technically it's not spring yet haha :P Such a good idea to mix winter and spring colours though! xx

    Sail Away to Neverland ♡

    1. Thanks! Caspain is definitely one of my fav nail polishes!
      Elizabeth x

  2. These colours look amazing together and are perfect for in between winter and spring!

    Jessie | Taylor mayed

  3. Oooh I love the Caspain shade! Lovely post!
    Jennie Emma

  4. Love how it changes with the light, and I adore Nightshade. To be honest I wear those sort of shades all year around!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers


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