Primark Spring Haul 2015

Ribbed Crop Tops: £3.00, Stripped Tee: £3.50
Geo Duvet Cover Set: £11.00, Triangles Fitted Sheet: £5.80, Love Cushion: £4.00
After seeing countless tweets by Primark I knew that I needed to go and see for myself what they had in store. Something new that Primark is now selling is crop tops! They had some previously, but none that were plain. They now have really cute casual crop tops that are really reasonably priced. I picked up two rib crop tops which are going to be perfect for when the weather gets warmer if you want to have a casual look. The burgundy T-shirt that I got is going to look really cute when tucked into high waisted shorts. Again this is a really casual kind of look. I feel that in summer it is definitely all about being comfortable and casual which is why I was so drawn to these items. I also got 2 crop camis (£1.50 each), one in white and one in black which are just perfect for when you want to wear something sheer and don't want the world to see your bra. But you can also definitely wear them by themselves with high waisted shorts or trousers.

Now onto the homeware. This is when I really had to restrain myself. Normally primark doesn't have the best bedding that's just out of this world until now. This geometric styled bedding really reminds me of something that urban outfitters would sell but for way cheaper. I also got a matching fitted grey geometric sheet which I think will really compliment the duvet cover. There was also pink flamingo bedding which I almost bought but realised that I already have enough bedding for about 10 beds. Now onto the pillow! There was such an amazing selection for spring/summer which I really wanted but once again, I realised that there are only so many cushions you can have. I went for this love cushion and I thought it was really cute and also it is not restricted to just one season so it can be justified.

There were so many other things that I wanted to get but stopped myself before I didn't have any money left to buy food for the rest of the week. I would highly recommend you check out what Primark has in stock! They have already brought out the shorts for summer and they had some really cut ones! When it starts getting hotter again I will definitely go back to get some, but until then, I will just stick to wearing jumpers.

Have you been to primark lately? If so what did you buy?

Love from 

Elizabeth x


  1. Those ribbed cropped tops are lovely and I've seen that duvet set floating around a lot on blogs, it's so pretty! :)

    Style Sunrise ☀


  2. I havent been to primark in absolute ages! Need to go soon:)

    Eilidh from Velvet Winter

  3. I didn't realise Primark were doing crop tops. I think I may have to pick some up. They'll be great for the warmer weather. I also love that cushion. It's so nice.


  4. I'd given up with Primark recently - I could never find anything that jumped out at me like I used to!
    Maybe it's time to venture in there again xx

  5. I love Primark - they have such a variety of things and there's always something that I like even if it's a T-shirt or a clutch bag there's always something!!

    Time to go shopping haha!

    Layla xx


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